Jazz Age (1920's) - The Great Gatsby
1920s Committees:
  • fashion
  • music
  • refreshments
  • ambiance (political and social gatherings, prohibition and language)
  • decor (architecture and decor, art deco, architects and designers)
  • dance
  • guests


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Used February 2008:

391 Watson 100 years of style by decade & designer. Volume 3, Twentieth century fashion designers, A-F Watson, Linda. 1
391 Watson 100 years of style by decade & designer. Volume 4, Twentieth century fashion designers, G-M Watson, Linda. 1
391.09 Angeloglou A history of make-up. Angeloglou, Maggie. 1
391.09 Boucher 20,000 years of fashion : the history of costume and personal adornment Boucher, Fran├žois, 1
720.9 Klein Great structures of the world Klein, H. Arthur. 1
720.973 Hoag American houses : colonial, classic, and contemporary. Hoag, Edwin. 1
747 Kornfeld The Doubleday book of interior decorating and encyclopedia of styles. Kornfeld, Albert. 1
747.2 Savage A concise history of interior decoration. Savage, George, 1
781.5 Collier Inside jazz. Collier, James Lincoln, 1
781.5 Feather The book of jazz, from then till now : a guide to the entire field. Feather, Leonard. 1
781.5 Hughes The first book of jazz Hughes, Langston, 1
781.5 Nanry American music : from Storyville to Woodstock Nanry, Charles. 1
781.5 Stambler Encyclopedia of pop, rock and soul Stambler, Irwin. 1
781.57 Ulanov A handbook of jazz. Ulanov, Barry, 2
781.65 Seymour Jazz : the great American art Seymour, Gene. 1
781.65 Ward Jazz : a history of America's music Ward, Geoffrey C. 1
781.66 Kallen The history of rock and roll Kallen, Stuart A. 1
793.3 Sorell The dance through the ages. Sorell, Walter, 1
793.309 De mille The book of the dance De Mille, Agnes. 1
917.3 Corbett Daddy danced the Charleston. Corbett, Ruth. 1
920 Jordan Harlem Renaissance artists Jordan, Denise. 1
944 Greenfeld They came to Paris Greenfeld, Howard. 1
973.91 Boardman America and the jazz age : a history of the 1920's Boardman, Fon Wyman, 1
973.91 Feinstein The 1920s : from prohibition to Charles Lindbergh Feinstein, Stephen. 1
973.91 Hanson The 1920s Hanson, Erica. 1
973.914 Noggle Teapot Dome : oil and politics in the 1920's Noggle, Burl. 1
974.7 Johnson Black Manhattan Johnson, James Weldon, 1
979.4 Starr Material dreams : Southern California through the 1920's Starr, Kevin. 1
REF 422 Funk Word origins and their romantic stories Funk, Wilfred John, 1
REF 700 Howes Harlem Renaissance Howes, Kelly King. 1
REF 745.1 Random The Random House collector's encyclopedia, Victoriana to Art Deco 1
REF 781.64 American American popular music. 1
REF 781.65 Holmes American popular music. Holmes, Thom. 1
REF 785.42 Carr Jazz : the essential companion Carr, Ian. 1
REF 810.9 Harlem v.1 The Harlem Renaissance : a Gale critical companion 3
REF 920.02 Dictionary Dictionary of world biography 1
REF 920 Who Who was who on screen 1
REF 920.02 Dictionary Dictionary of world biography 1
REF 973.03 Hirsch The dictionary of cultural literacy Hirsch, E. D., 1
REF 973.08 Annals The Annals of America. 1
REF 973.92 American American decades

English Language Arts Standard Supported:
Develop presentations by using clear research questions and creative and critical research strategies (e.g., field studies, oral histories, interviews, experiments, electronic sources).



"And do you write for any other magazines?" inquired the young lady.

"Oh, yes," I assured her. "I've had some stories and plays in the
'Smart Set,' for instance------"

The young lady shivered.

"The 'Smart Set'!" she exclaimed. "How can you? Why, they publish
stuff about girls in blue bathtubs, and silly things like that"

And I had the magnificent joy of telling her that she was referring to
"Porcelain and Pink," which had appeared there several months before.
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