Earthquake Picture Books (Period 13)

Yeah! We're going to be making a children's book about earthquakes.


Alaska Sea Grant - Earthquake Safety Do's and Don'ts

Use this website to help you complete page 7 of the children's book. Remember to use quotation marks if you are copying something word for word.

Southern California Integrated GPS Network

What are earthquakes? Use this website to complete page 3 of your children's book. Click on the pushpin above the pencil to see the animation of the pencil breaking.

Wikipedia - Modified Mercalli Scale

Use this website for page 5 of your children's book.

Wikipedia - Richter Scale

Use this website to work on page 4 of your children's book.

Day 1, 3/12/07:
  • Make book. Fold it up.
  • Rubric - How you will be graded.
  • Works Cited Rubric - why cite?
  • Fill out Works Cited coupons for websites and book. Print out articles if you have time left over!

Day 2, 3/13/07:

  • Get website printouts from Mrs. Slim and skim
  • Download Works Cited with partner and fill in the blanks and email to Mrs. Slim -
  • Finish pp. 3, 4, & 5 - download "Earthquake Picture Books Project.doc" and fill in the blanks and email to Mrs. Slim -

Day 3, 3/14/07:

  • Sign up for a free email account at - ask Tori or Arnold to help you if you need it.

  • Use your new email account to email Mrs. Slim. Put your name in the "Subject" line and email Mrs. Slim "Hello."

  • Find two pictures from or of earthquakes. Copy them from the Internet into a Word document. Make sure to copy the URL and paste it underneath the picture in the word document. Save the Word Document as "Earthquake Pictures - Your Last Name" and Email the Word document to Mrs. Slim. An example is listed below as "Earthquake Pictures - Example."

  • If you finish early, read through the blue worksheets from The Handy Weather Answer Book (the blue worksheets) and choose one earthquake to focus on for your story that you will write tomorrow.

Day 4, 3/15/07:

For Page 6: Read pp. 251 – 253 of The Handy Weather Answer Book. (The BLUE worksheets)

Choose one of the following earthquakes:1) The San Francisco earthquake of 19062) The Loma Prieta earthquake3) The Northridge earthquake4) The Lisbon, Portugal earthquake5) The Tangshan, China earthquake

Then write a short story about the earthquake as if you were there. Type it out on the computer and save it to the Desktop right away. Save it as "Earthquake story - Your name and your partner's name." You can be whoever you want to be! Remember to put in the date, the magnitude, and the damage caused.

Example (do not copy this one):

The Loma Prieta Earthquake, 1989

When I was 8 years old it was the first time I had been to a World Series baseball game. My uncle was getting snacks when the ground started to shake. I was terrified and all the people were having a panic attack. It was one of those scenes in a war movie where it’s every man for himself. After getting out of the stadium in one piece I heard a radio broadcast. The announcer stated we were shaken by a 7.1 earthquake that made $15 billion lost in property. In the end 67 people died and I was glad that I was not one of them.

When you are done typing your paragraph, email it to Mrs. Slim at If you are working with your partner, put both partner's names in the "Subject" line of the email.

If you do NOT finish, just send what you were able to finish to Mrs. Slim at If you are working with your partner, put both partner's names in the "Subject" line of the email.

Then draw a picture to accompany the paragraph and give the picture to Mr. Guzman.

Day 5, 3-16-07:

  • Email Mrs. Slim "Hello."
  • Cut out and paste work so far into children's book.
  • Look for pictures to accompany your children's book if you have not yet done so.
  • Remember to print out the URL that accompanies each image so that you cite them! Don't steal!

Day 6, 3/21/07: Finish pp. 1 & 2, cut out all and paste into book.

Day 7: 3/22/07: Continue with pp. 1 & 2. Catch up on any missed work.

Day 8: 3/27/07: We will share our earthquake stories as a class and give input as we read them. We will revise our earthquake stories based on the input we receive. Make sure to look at punctuation, spelling and sentence structure.

Day 9: 3/28/07: Finish book up! Make the hand-drawn drawings that you need to insert on p. 2 and p. 5.

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